Frequently Asked Questions 2


Will President Trump be reelected in 2020? Wondering in Washington

ID : The intelligent designer does not handicap horse races; the intelligent designer does not give stock tips!  Such questions distract from the important work at hand.  Shame on you!


Did you do all the designs in your head, or are there blueprints somewhere? Engineer in Engelthal

ID : There are blueprints, a lot of blueprints.  They can't all be kept in the studio so they have been stored in various out-of-the-way places (sometimes they are observed as cold dark matter).


Do you submit your work to design journals, for peer review?  Anxious in Anchorage

ID : The intelligent designer has no peers, so it is not necessary to submit designs to journals.


If the designer is so intelligent, what is one to make of 'natural' disasters: hurricanes, tsunamis, forest fires and the like?   Distracted in Dunedin

ID : This is the unfortunate result of sub-contracting some of the design work to under-qualified groups.  The intelligent designer asks for your understanding.


But what about war, nuclear weapons, anthrax in the mail?!  Flummoxed in Florida

ID : These are all part of the grand design, which is too complex to go into here.


Are you extra-terrestrial or do you live on earth?  Dazed in Dallas

ID : The intelligent designer has lived in many places but, thanks to the internet, can now settle down.


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