Frequently Asked Questions 3


Did you design everything in the universe, including the "big bang"? Physicist in Phoenix

ID : Needing to invent the laws of physics is one reason why the designer has to be intelligent .


What was around before the big bang?  Befuddled in Bangor

ID: The intelligent designer arranged a sort of "leftover tortilla" universe: large, flat and cold.


Did you design everything that happened/existed after the big bang? Still Befuddled in Bangor

ID: This was not necessary; once the initial "tortilla" and the laws of physics were designed, many subsequent events proceeded spontaneously.


What is all this about "dark energy"?  Probing in Poughkeepsie

ID: Acceleration of the universe's expansion makes clocks run slower, thus compensating for the perception that events speed up as one ages.


With so many things to do, why did you decide to design planet Earth?  Eager in Ealing

ID: Designing intelligently is a lot of work but the more pertinent question is: why not?


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