Frequently Asked Questions 4


Why do so many people worship so many different things -- golden calves, burning bushes and the like?  Wondering in Worcester

ID : Worship inspires inventiveness. If you think there are a lot of targets on earth, you would get dizzy trying to account for all the other forms of worship. Apparently, variety is the spice of liturgy.


Why are there only ten commandments?  Inquisitive in Indianapolis

ID: There are a great many more than ten, but it's hard work to carry them all when they're carved in stone.


What do you make of public figures commenting on intelligent design?  Questioning in Qum

ID: Frankly, I wish they'd butt out!  The intelligent designer does not need any help explaining the universe from the Pope, much less Jerry Falwell.


Why should I have to wear a mask; couldn't you have designed a better virus?  Frustrated in Fresno

ID: The problem is not with the virus; it's with folks who don't respect what the virus does: it doesn't care about feelings of freedom; it just wants to grow. Masks frustrate that desire.


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