Frequently Asked Questions 1


How did you get to be the intelligent designer; was there a competition; did you have to take a test, like the SAT?  Concerned in Cincinnati

ID : No competition was held; there was only one eligible intelligent designer .  There wasn't a test at the time, although the intelligent designer has subsequently scored quite high on the SAT.


Are there three of you, or only one?  Baffled in Buffalo

ID: There is only one intelligent designer, but sometimes the son of the intelligent designer helps out, as well as the predecessor.


Are all your designs strictly functional, or do you sometimes throw in little useless features, like the tail fins on 1950s cars?  Curious in Calcutta

ID: The intelligent designer does get bored from time to time, and designs silly things: for example, nipples on men


You may Email further questions but you should realize that the intelligent designer is still hard at work and thus has limited time to deal with less important matters. 


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