Frequently Asked Questions 4


How can one understand all these church leaders participating in child sexual abuse?   Disappointed in Detroit

ID: Of course this has been going on since antiquity. There is a price for free will and the clergy are sometimes big spenders. 


But what about fake news, Jewish space lasers, South American plots to hack voting machines?!  Uncertain in Utah

ID: You are confusing intelligent design with idiotic claims designed to enhance political reputations.


Should ex-presidents run for re-election?   Hopeful in Hanover

ID: The question should be 'can indicted suspects hold federal office?' You'll have to wait for the design to become visible.


What's the deal with banning 'unsuitable' library books?   Disgruntled in Dubuque

ID: Don't ask me -- this is probably the result of those who don't like to read beyond their smart phones.


Are slavery and income inequality part of the intelligent design?   Freaked out in Fresno

ID: Certainly not. Equality was the starting point but after free will started taking hold things got dicey.


You may Email further questions but you should realize that the intelligent designer is still hard at work and thus has limited time to deal with less important matters. 

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