Frequently Asked Questions 3


If the designer is so intelligent, what is one to make of natural disasters: hurricanes, tsunamis, forest fires and the like.   Distracted in Dunedin

ID: This is the unfortunate result of sub-contracting some of the design work to under-qualified groups.  The intelligent designer apologizes and asks for your understanding.


But what about war, nuclear weapons, anthrax in the mail, claims of stolen elections?!  Flummoxed in Florida

ID: These are all part of the grand design, which is so complex as to be unknowable.


What does the intelligent design have to do with abortion? Anxious in Atlanta

ID: Nothing whatsoever. What do you not understand about free will?


Who will win the college football playoffs?   Curious in Covington

ID: The intelligent designer does not handicap papal elections; the intelligent designer does not give stock tips!  Such questions distract from the important work at hand.  Shame on you!


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